Emma T, San Francisco

I loved my experience of Bethesda Dental from beginning to end. Setting up my appointment could not have been easier and I could not have dealt with a more friendly and courteous staff.

Upon my arrival, I was given an iPad to enter in all of my patient information and sat down in their very comfy couch and beautiful patient waiting room area. After I was complete in filling out the patient information, they brought me into another room while they processed my insurance claims. It was a small room, where she sat me down in a massage chair, lifted my feat and said, "this will massage you for 15 minutes, come out when it's done." I was in heaven! Plus, one of the walls was a fish tank, so it was extremely relaxing.

When my massage was finished, much to my surprise, I was still the only patient in the office and Dr. Lee actually did my cleaning. I've never had the actual dentist do my cleanings before - typically they come in to check at the end for five minutes.

During checkout, I was happy to find out I didn't owe anything - my insurance covered 100% of the x-rays and cleaning!

Today I received a letter in the mail from Dr. Lee with him thanking me for coming and gave me two referral cards to pass along to my friends and family. If those two people make appointments and their insurance covers the entire visit, they will offer them a whitening treatment for only $99. And, anytime I refer someone, I will receive $50 towards a treatment.

I felt as though the whole experience was incredible for a dentist office. I would recommend Bethesda Dental to anyone! Go, go, go!!!